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Dylan Kaufman-Obstler’s 5th Graders Get Locked Out of Burger King

*+-We’re proud of current JOIN Fellow, Dylan Kaufman-Obstler, and the 5th grade class at the Boston Workmen’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice! On Sunday, January 12th, Workmen’s Circle fifth-grade students became the newest champions in the fight for … Read More

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The BackStory: Allegra Stout’s Organizing Journey

*+-Welcome to The BackStory, a peek into JOIN’s Jewish Organizer Network. The BackStory introduces members of the passionate and creative network of people who are using JOIN’s community organizing tools to make social change and work for justice. Let’s get … Read More

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JOIN for Justice Supporting Historic National Campaign

*+-This winter, JOIN for Justice has embarked upon an undertaking that has major significance for our organization, the Jewish community, and potentially the United States as a whole. One of the issues shaping the beginning of the second Obama administration … Read More

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An Invitation to the Table

*+-Witnessing the birth of something new can be confusing. I felt that way as a kid in the Northwest watching the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, not knowing what to makes of the images on TV and I felt the … Read More

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Alumni and Fellows March in Pride Parade

*+-The rains on Saturday didn’t stop JOI Fellows and Alumni from marching in the Pride Parade with Keshet and the Workmen’s Circle. Their enthusiasm was captured in Sunday’s Boston Globe! Eliza Parad, current Fellow, is on the far left and … Read More

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