Fellowship Hiring Process

Please note: We may adapt small aspects of this process as we finalize our Placement Process to recruit organizations to host Empower Fellows (a new track within the fellowship for Jewish with disabilities).  We will update this site soon with any changes shortly. 

If your organization is interested in hiring a Jewish Organizing Fellow, here is what you can expect from our process:

  • Placement Application: The application consists of organizational information, an explanation of the role of organizing in your organization, a JOIN Fellow job description and the option to apply for a JOIN subsidy. If your organization has hired a JOIN Fellow in the last two years, please contact Fellowship Director Allegra Heath-Stout as it is possible you won’t need to resubmit the entire RFP. Applications are due on April 10, 2019. 
  • Placement Review: Once applications are received, a group of JOIN staff, alumni and volunteer leaders will read applications to determine if organizations meet JOIN’s criteria. As part of this process, JOIN will do a site visit for organizations that have not yet worked with JOIN.
  • Interviewing and Matching Event: Once organizations have been accepted as placement organizations, if they do not already have a staff member applying for the fellowship and are looking to hire an organizer from our pool, they will be invited to attend our Matching Event on May 13, 2019. Below is more context for how we select our finalists that Placements interview on Match Day:
    • Applicants submit a written application and are phone screened. Those who are selected to move on in the process are invited to the group Interview Day which takes place on April 7, 2019. After Interview Day, almost half of the candidates will be cut.
    • The finalists selected at this event will interview with placement organizations a few weeks later on Matching Day on May 13. Here, placement organizations will have six hours of interviews with our top candidates in-person at our Matching Day event location. JOIN will schedule these interviews.
    • At the end of the day, Placements and Finalists will all be asked to submit an initial preference form. This form is not binding.
  • Second Interviews: In the two weeks following the interview event, Placements will have an opportunity to follow up with candidates they were impressed with and potentially have them meet other members of the staff.
  • Final Preference form: At the end of the interview process (about two weeks), Placements will be asked to submit a final preference form with the names of the Finalists they would be willing to hire. Organizations should only submit this form if they are willing to hire the people they list. It is based on these forms that JOIN will be making job offers.
  • Job offers: JOIN will call the candidates and offer them the best match for a job.  Once a Finalist accepts, Placement organizations are responsible for sending a letter of hire and determining start date and other hiring logistics.

We will be in touch with you throughout to guide you through this process.