Empower Fellowship Overview

JOIN is thrilled to announce the second year of the Empower Fellowship. This opportunity is a track within the Jewish Organizing Fellowship for Jews who self-identify as people with disabilities, disabled, or differently-abled, and their employers. Empower Fellows will be part of the Jewish Organizing Fellowship, engaging in all of the training, community, and mentorship that come with being a Jewish Organizing Fellow. They will also participate in additional trainings to support their leadership as Jewish organizers with disabilities. We expect that Empower Fellows’ placements may include organizations both within and beyond the disability community, depending on their skills and interests and the opportunities available.

The Empower Fellowship is part of JOIN’s commitment to support the leadership of Jews with marginalized identities, in recognition that systemic oppression keeps many of these individuals on the margins in Jewish communities and social justice movements. We know that our organizations and movements can only succeed if we build movements where everyone can thrive and contribute, and if we fight for liberation for all people. We look forward to partnering with placement organizations in this exciting new initiative.

You can find more details on the Empower Fellowship here.

For more information about the hiring process and timeline, please visit this page and contact Kat Macias at applications@joinforjustice.org or 617-350-9994 x 107 with any questions. We want to work with you and figure it out together. We are very happy to answer your questions and discuss how and whether this opportunity can be a good fit for your organization.