Suggest An Applicant for the Jewish Organizing Fellowship

Some of our best candidates for the Jewish Organizing Fellowship have come from personal recommendations.

Please use this form to let us know about someone you think would be a great candidate for the Fellowship. Based on your comments and praise, we will reach out to the person and explore the possibility of them applying to be a JOIN Fellow. (**NOTE: This is a form simply to suggest someone we should reach out to about applying. If you are serving as a reference for someone already applying, you can download and fill out the reference for here.)

Applicants should meet the following criteria:
– Young adult in their 20s who identifies as Jewish
– Desire and motivation to delve deeply into training and skill-building as a community organizer, explore the connections between Judaism and social justice, and develop leadership skills
– Ability to commit to a year-long Fellowship in Boston

Click here to suggest an applicant for the Jewish Organizing Fellowship.

Thank you for taking the time to recommend someone for the Jewish Organizing Fellowship – we are excited to get to know them!