Thank you for your interest in the Jews of Color (JOC) Organizing Fellowship, a national Fellowship with city hubs in New York City, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Fellowship runs May 2023 through May 2024.

Thank you for your interest. Applications for the 2023-2024 cohort are closed. 

The sooner you apply the sooner you will hear back about an interview and your acceptance as a Finalist in the Fellowship. Preview the application here.  

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Interested and want to know more? Watch this recorded Fellow Info Call and reach out to with questions.

To apply:

1) Using this link, submit your Application Form to provide us with contact information, responses to Short Answer Questions, and uploading your Resume. If the SurveyMonkey application is not accessible to you, you may send your completed google doc and resume to

2) Using this link, have your reference submit this Reference Form.

Finding a Job:

As someone interested in the Fellowship, you might wonder, “how will I find a job?” or “what does the Matching process look like?”

After you are interview, you may be selected to become a Finalist. Being a Finalist means that you are eligible to become a Fellow; if you secure an organizing job that JOIN approves as a placement. This can happen in two ways: 

1) If you are already employed by an organization you hope to be your Placement and your place of work has been accepted as a placement organization, congratulations you are a Fellow and you do not need to go through the Matching process. 

  • Note: If you are already employed in an organizing job, but your organization still needs to be approved as a Placement Organization, you can encourage your organization to apply to be a Placement. We ask that you reach out to JOIN staff about whether or not you should participate in our Matching process. 

2) If you do not yet have an organizing job, you will be supported to find an organizing job that can serve as your Placement Organization through a two-pronged approach to increase your likelihood of finding a Placement.

  1. You will be matched for virtual interviews with prospective Placement Organizations in our matching pool, who we believe will be a good fit based on what you’ve shared with us and the Organization’s needs. An organization may then request a second round of interviews, references, or other materials needed to make a hire. Once you receive a job offer through the Matching Process then – you will formally be accepted as a Fellow! You can explore our current Placement Matching Pool here
  2. You will participate in group job coaching facilitated by one of our Fellowship Co-Directors. Through this group coaching, you will be supported in your job search; to apply and interview for jobs outside our current matching pool (provided that the organization fits JOIN’s criteria as a Placement Organization). If you find a job that meets JOIN’s placement criteria, and the employer agrees to participate in the Fellowship program, you become a Fellow.

If you have questions, please contact us at