Are you a teen passionate about social justice?

About Don’t Kvetch, Organize!

In November 2016, we will be offering the online course, Don’t Kvetch, Organize! Guided by master trainers and instructors, we will examine different ways that community organizing has been used to build a more just world for all and how our Jewish tradition and history inform our own commitments and approaches to acting for justice.

We are excited to announce that in our Fall 2016 course offering, we will host a **teens only** section of the course for 25 teens from across the country who are passionate about social justice.


“I feel ready to embrace taking action with confidence, as a leader. I understand the crucial nature of boldness and courage as I work alongside others to bring change.  Listening, storytelling, and building relationships  one by one are the route to strategic action. I not only came to understand the power of action but also that it needs to be interwoven with hope and belief in a positive outcome aligned with Jewish values.”

See more of what our past participants are saying here!

Participants will:

  • Explore the natural and powerful connection between their Jewish identities and acting for justice;
  • Learn about the community organizing framework as a model for working towards social justice.
  • Be connected to 25 other Jewish teens from across the country who are passionate about Judaism and social justice.
  • Gain a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the course (great for resumes!).
  • Hear stories that give a behind the scenes look at different organizing efforts, both iconic and lesser known

“This has been an amazing fast-track introduction to the Social Justice organizing world. I notice the difference now when I read about any campaign…how to think about it, what I think is being done well or not so well, what I think might enhance it, instead of passively noting a campaign but not feeling attached/interested in any direct way.”

THE BASICS | The course will:

  • Run for seven weeks with a break for Thanksgiving. The course will open on November 6, 2016 and run until December 23, 2016.
  • Be taught by master trainers and visionary Jewish leaders;
  • Be offered to 150 people around the country; of those, 25 slots will be reserved for teens who will have their own section meetings, Course Instructor, and discussion forum.
  • Include weekly online videos that students can watch on their own schedule;
  • Include three section meetings, led by Course Instructors, where students can build relationships with one another, reflect together on what they’re learning, and push their learning further
  • Include a workload of about 3 hours of coursework (including all the above) per week

“One key message that I am taking away from this course is the idea that Judaism is a radical tradition.  That themes of justice and equity are embedded throughout Jewish tradition.  Woven into even the most mainstream of rituals (like Shabbat, for example).  Before this class, I felt like I had a few explicit connection points between Judaism and my social justice values.  Now I feel like the whole of Jewish tradition is a connection.  I am excited to continue to wake up to the radical potential in everyday Judaism–drawing upon it as I continue my work.”

You can see more information about the course syllabus here.

Who is the course meant for?

  • People who want to learn how they can have a meaningful impact on issues they care about, without it taking over their whole life
  • People who want to explore how Judaism or their Jewish identity can strengthen and be strengthened by their commitment to having a meaningful impact
  • People who have been doing social justice work but feel like they’re not getting very far and wonder if there is a way to be more effective
  • People who want to meet and spend time with like-minded folks who share an interest in making the world a better place

Cost and Registration

*The course is provided through generous support from the Dorot Foundation and the Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation.

For more information, contact Tali Smookler by email or by phone at 617-350-9994 x 208.