What is the “Buddy System?”

To support your learning and growth throughout the course, we are providing an opt-in “Buddy System.” The purpose of this is to provide you with an opportunity to grapple with course content with another course participant and to get to know another course participant. You will be responsible for connecting with your buddy, and we will provide suggested discussion topics.

There are two paths you can choose to partake in the buddy system when you register for the course:
Option 1) On the registration form, you can select “I would like to be matched with a buddy,” and we will assign you a buddy after registration closes. There is no discount offered for this option.

Option 2) If you are taking the course with someone you know, or you are planning on taking the course and would like to recruit a friend to take it with you, you can select “I am signing up with a buddy I know,” on the registration form. If you sign up with a buddy of your own, you are eligible for the “buddy discount,” where both you and your buddy pay $245 instead of the early bird rate of $295*. Please note that your buddy must also register themselves to be eligible for the buddy discount. If your indicated buddy does not register for the course by the time registration closes, we will bill you for the difference between the buddy discount and the full amount of the course.

*If you change your mind after registering, there will be a link in your confirmation email where you can sign up for a buddy even after you have registered.*

We strongly encourage course participants to consider the buddy system as a way to enhance their learning throughout the course, but also encourage you to register for the buddy system only if you are committed to connecting with your buddy during the course so that each buddy has a positive buddy experience.


*The buddy discount does not apply to subsidized rate, such as the Young Adult rate of $99. However, we still encourage those paying subsidized rates to consider recruiting a buddy for the course!

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