JOIN for Justice Clergy Network

Graphic that says in bold, black "Clergy Network"Since its founding, JOIN for Justice has trained and advanced the leadership capacity of 400 rabbis, cantors and master religious educators through its Seminary Leadership Project.

These leaders are now in the field with a strong appetite to sharpen their organizing skills and impact. JOIN’s Clergy Network taps into our greatest asset—clergy leaders themselves—to address this demand and help these religious leaders engage their constituents in the critical work of justice and community change.

The Clergy Network engages hundreds of the rabbis, cantors and religious educators and offers them support, training, mentoring, and peer relationships. JOIN offers regular national organizing training webinars and reasonably priced mentoring contracts to offer clergy the ongoing support that they will need to lead effectively and powerfully, develop as leaders, develop other leaders and transform their own institutions, and have an impact on local, regional, and national social justice campaigns.

Equally importantly, the Clergy Network provides space for clergy who are so busy with the day-to-day work of communal leadership to connect with, learn from, support, and align with other clergy with similar goals and values. As we learn in the Talmud, “the prisoner cannot free themselves from prison” (Babylonian Talmud, Masechet Berachot, 5a). The only way we can lead and succeed in breaking the shackles of injustice is by doing it together. For example, in 2019 we hosted a Clergy Network Gathering. You can learn more about that retreat here.

For more information about the Clergy Network, please contact Jeannie Appleman.