Image Description: photo of Laura Loeb“The SEA Change racial equity training led by JOIN trainers at my synagogue has had a very significant impact on the direction of the congregation as a whole. The clergy and Board are doing strategic planning and because of the SEA Change experience, social justice work will be central to the congregation’s vision going forward.”

Laura Loeb, lay leader at Washington Hebrew Congregation

Image Description: photo of Rabbi Susan Shankman“Our participation in SEA Change has been a transformative experience for our congregational community. The shared experience of learning, training, and taking a deep dive into an assessment of race equity within our synagogue has strengthened relationships and provided a sense of sacred partnership that extends into every aspect of synagogue life.” 

Rabbi Susan Shankman, Washington Hebrew Congregation

In 2020-2021 participants shared that because of SEA Change… 

  • “I am more willing to take a visible, active leadership role in social justice initiatives.”
  • “I feel more confident to express issues of equity and inclusion associated with being a JOC in a majority white religious setting.”
  • “I now reflexively seek to include diverse groups as part of any decision making process.”