Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship

"Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship”' is written in the top right corner and "Co-Directors" is written in the bottom left corner. A headshot of Bryant Heinzelman, a Black man with a mustache and beard wearing a kippah, button up and tie on with an orange background in the top left corner. A headshot of Kat Macias, a light-skin Latin person with short curly brown hair and peyos wearing a teal button up, mustard cardigan, and Star of David necklace.Meet our Co-Directors Bryant Heinzelman (he/him/his) & Kat Macias (they/them/theirs)!

The Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship is the first ever national Fellowship program training Jews of Color (JOCs) in community organizing. The Fellowship provides training, mentorship, a living wage organizing job, and community support to help adult participants of all ages grow into powerful community organizers and social movement leaders.

Through this Fellowship we are building a vibrant community of visionary Jewish Organizers of Color who can organize effectively and sustainably, as their whole selves, and who are positioned to be effective changemakers in the Jewish community, in the broader community, and all over the country.

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The Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship is a 12 month cohort experience that includes training through a mix of virtual and in-person gatherings with multiple geographic clusters, including Chicago and the Bay Area and a liveable wage organizing job. 

Fellows are matched and employed at Jewish and non-Jewish host organizations, where they will work and apply the organizing knowledge and skills they are gaining, with mentors to support their growth.

Throughout the year, Fellows meet together for training in a curriculum that focuses on organizing training, leadership skills, Jewish wisdom, and Jews of Color-specific content. Topics will include community organizing fundamentals, such as leader identification, campaign planning, power analysis, and movement ecology. JOC-specific Content will focus on such areas as JOC history, Transformative Justice, and Self-care & Resilience Practices.

The Outcomes for this Program are: 

  • Fellows will gain skills to become effective changemakers, a deeper connection to Jewish wisdom, lifelong community, healing & growth, and powerful new networks.
  • Host organizations will gain skilled, supported JOC organizers on staff doing the work and doing it well.
  • Geographic cluster communities will develop deeper ties between Jewish and justice organizations,and more leaderful local JOC networks.
  • The US and the broader social justice field will see real policy change on critical justice issues at a local, state and federal levels, and a shift in the dominant image of who Jews are – within and beyond Jewish communities.
  • More Jews of Color working, organizing, and leading the way for future generations, showing up and being celebrated for the identities they carry and the beliefs that they hold dear!