About the Fellowship

Fellowship Candidates

Our national year-long paid community organizing fellowship with city hubs in New York City, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay area is a year of field experience and professional development for an intergenerational cohort Jews of Color looking for the opportunity to sharpen their change making skills and be trained as community organizers.

We are looking for Fellowship candidates that possess:

  • A track record of leadership experience (paid and/or volunteer) addressing social problems.
  • The ability to connect with people and build strong relationships.
  • Strong communication skills, both in person and through email and other methods.
  • Self-knowledge about why making the world a better place matters to you.
  • Self-identification as Jewish and a Person of Color and an interest in exploring the connections between Judaism, your racial identity, and social justice work.

The Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship is a place where:

  • People entering professional organizing can have support in finding a paid organizing position, as well as the training and community they need to succeed as an organizer. While we can not guarantee finding Finalists organizing jobs, we do our best through our expert Matching Process.
  • People with existing organizing jobs can find training, coaching, and support in those positions. Those people can apply to be a Fellow and have their organizations apply to be a Placement.

Interested? Join the Information Call for prospective Fellows and Apply here. If you have any questions please email applications@joinforjustice.org.