Don’t Kvetch, Organize! FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Don’t Kvetch, Organize!  Below are a few of our commonly asked questions.  If you’re still curious about something, please email with any questions.

Q: What’s the time commitment?

The next round will run April 17, 2023, and run through June 5, 2023. Total coursework will be approximately three hours/week.  In February we will send optional weekly resources to help us orient to what is happening as the course begins.

Most of the course components you will watch on your own time. Each week, there will be videos with course content for participants to watch. These can be watched whenever is most convenient for you that week – in the morning, afternoon, evening, all at once, spread out over the week, whenever works! There are also weekly written reflection assignments which can also be done on your own time each week.

There will be four live online cohort meetings throughout the course, and these will happen at specific times throughout the seven weeks. There will be around 25 – 30 people in your cohort, and these will be led by your Course Instructor. 

When you register for the course, we will send a pre-course survey to ask which of the available cohort times work best for your schedule. Cohort assignments will be made in January on a rolling basis. If you register with a group, we will prioritize keeping the group together in the cohort that works best for the group as a whole.

Q: Is it only for people in certain areas?

A: Nope! There will be people from across North America (including some in Canada and other countries) participating. Note if you are in another country that there may be challenges with the timing of the four cohort meetings depending on your time-zone. Please reach out if you have questions about this.

Q: Can you tell me more about the homework assignments? Is that included in the total of 3 hours of coursework weekly?

A: Yes, the 3 hours includes time spent on the homework assignments.

The assignments will be a weekly written reflection posted to your cohort’s discussion forum, answering a particular question and applying what you learned that week. You will also be asked to comment on another person’s post, as the discussion forum is meant to be a space where course participants learn from one another.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Due to the generous support of our funders and donations from past course participants, we are able to subsidize the cost of participation in the course, which is offered on a sliding scale $175 – $345 based on income. Register by March 10th for a $50 early registration discount. 

Q: What will I learn?

A: This course is intended to help people learn effective community organizing strategies and get more involved in important social justice campaigns. It is a seven week course taught by well known and highly respected community and organization leaders. The topics that will be covered range from Jewish and biblical history to present actions that are resulting in real change.

Q: Do you know what time of day the class will meet?

Most of the time you’ll spend in the course will be on your own time–you’ll be watching a weekly set of training videos whenever is good for you. For example, you could watch one of the videos on a Monday morning, and a couple more on Tuesday evening. The homework assignments (posting written reflections to your section’s discussion forum, and applying the concepts you’re learning by answering a particular question we assign) would also be on your own time, as long as you complete it by the weekly due date.

There will be a live, online meeting four set times during the course.  We will place you in the cohort that is the best fit for your availability–register early for the most choices!

Q: Is the course accessible?

We are committed to making this course accessible and have made a variety of accommodations in the past to support course participants. All course videos have closed captioning, and the course webpage is accessible to most screen readers. We will ask for access needs in your registration. If you have a specific question about your access needs please reach out to

Still have questions?  Email for more information.