Fellowship Placement FAQs

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Please note: For FAQ specifically about our new opportunity to host an Empower Fellow, please click here. For all other general questions, please review the information below. 

Q: What are the criteria for being a placement organization?

A:JOIN for Justice is seeking partner organizations that will provide excellent opportunities for the emerging organizers who participate in our fellowship to gain experience in community organizing. These criteria were developed to ensure that organizations that partner with JOIN will provide a supportive and challenging working environment for their Fellow, and that, in turn, JOIN’s training curriculum will be most relevant to their organizational needs.

Placement organizations must demonstrate that they meet at least three of the five following criteria:

  1. The supervisor of the JOIN Fellow has significant organizing experience and/or is currently an organizer and takes primary responsibility for the development of the Fellow as an organizer.
  2. There is a demonstrated organizational commitment to organizing as a method used for social change.
  3. The Fellow’s work has a significant component of in-person recruitment and training of leaders.
  4. The Fellow plays a key role in a project or campaign the organization is undertaking.
  5. The project or campaign the Fellow works on is something that builds towards a measurable social justice goal in the outside world.

Q: What are the costs associated with hiring a JOIN fellow?

A: We ask our partner organizations to hire Fellows at a minimum salary of $31,000, and to provide health benefits commensurate with other full time employees. Fellows are typically paid $31,000-$37,000, reflecting the range in their prior work experience, and there is no maximum salary. (We sometimes approve part-time placements, and in that case the Fellow’s salary can be lower but should be proportional to the full-time minimum salary based on hours.)

If you are applying for a current staff member to be a Fellow, the salary requirements do not apply.

We understand that small organizations in particular, may find the minimum salary a challenge. This year we have two sources of funding to support organizations applying to host a Fellow. Please see next question for the funding opportunities.

Q: What are opportunities to request funding to support hosting a Fellow?

A: There are two opportunities to request funding to support a fellow:

  • The Empower Fellowship is an initiative within the Jewish Organizing Fellowship designed to support Fellows with disabilities and their placement organizations. Empower placements will receive between $5,000-$20,000, depending on financial need, plus training and coaching on accessibility and inclusion. See section VII of this application for more information.
  • We also have funds available to support organizations who do not host Empower Fellows that would like to hire a Fellow but are limited by budgetary constraints. For these funds, we will prioritize organizations that are led by and organize with marginalized communities as well as a few other criteria (more information in the application), but all organizations with financial need are welcome to apply. We typically fund organizations between $1-10k using these funds. (See section X in the application for more information.)

If you are applying to host an Empower Fellow, and require funding to support your Fellow, we ask that you fill out the applications for both funding opportunities. This would still keep you in the pool for funding in the event that you are not accepted as an Empower Placement, and/or if you don’t match with an Empower Fellow.   This is because for Empower Placements we have one set of criteria for subsidies, and for non-Empower Placements we have a different set and a different amount of funding to distribute so we need each application. Each organization can only receive funding through one of these opportunities, but you are welcome to apply for both in order to maximize your chances of receiving funding and being able to hire a Fellow.

You can fill out the application for subsidies as part of the regular Placement Application.

Q: I know JOIN is a year-long fellowship, but I really want someone who will stay on longer. Is this possible?

A: Absolutely!  More than half of JOIN Fellows stay on after the year-long fellowship program is over. In fact, we recruit many individuals with the desire to see this as their first year of a job rather than a one-year commitment. If you are looking for a long term employee, hiring a JOIN Fellow is a good way to invest in an emerging professional’s first year at your organization.

 Q: I have someone on my staff already who fits the profile of your Fellows, and who would benefit from being a part of the program. Can they participate?

A: Yes!  JOIN encourages our partner organizations to consider this option – you may already have a potential JOIN Fellow on your staff.  If your staff member is between 21-30, identifies as a Jew, and is organizing at least 20 hours a week, they may be eligible.  We are happy to speak with anyone considering the option of gaining professional training and supportive community through the JOIN Fellowship next year. The person would need to complete the written application and screening process to determine eligibility for the program, but if accepted, would not need to participate in the spring matching event.

 Q: I’d like to be a partner organization and have someone on my staff get the benefit of JOIN, but I’d like to recruit my own staff member outside of your process.  Can I do this?

A: Yes!  We encourage our partner organizations to meet their organizational needs by recruiting their own JOIN Fellows. The person would need to be screened by JOIN to determine eligibility for the program.  Please contact us for further details.

 Q: I’m nervous that I may not find someone who fits our organization’s needs.  What if I don’t find someone I want to hire at the matching event? By submitting an application and participating in the matching event, am I required to take on a Fellow?

A: Not at all! Applying to partner with JOIN does not mean you are required to hire anyone who doesn’t meet your organizational needs. Partner organizations only hire JOIN Fellows when they find the right fit – this may happen at the matching event, in the weeks immediately after it, or not at all. If you are uncertain whether your organization has the financial resources to hire a fellow or whether you will find the right person through our process, we encourage organizations to keep their options open by applying to partner with us.

Q: When do Fellows begin working?

A: The JOIN program year officially begins in late August/early September at our Orientation retreat, and traditionally, Fellows begin work at their placements right at the beginning of September. However, many Fellows make arrangements with their placement organizations to start working earlier, and some begin working as early as the spring preceding the fellowship year.  If you require someone who can start work earlier, this can be negotiated directly with the Fellow you are planning to hire.

 Q: How frequently will a JOIN Fellow be out of the office for training sessions?

A: JOIN Fellows meet from 8:30-12:30pm on Fridays. Fellows also participate in a total of 3 training weekend long retreats that begin on Thursday and end on Sunday – one before their placement year begins, one in the winter, and a final retreat at the end of the program year.