About Us

The Jewish Organizing Institute and Network for Justice (JOIN for Justice), is a national organization dedicated to training, supporting, and connecting Jewish organizers and their communities. JOIN for Justice responds to the escalating demand for skillful leaders who use organizing principles and practices to achieve positive social change.

We believe that effecting change cannot happen in a vacuum and that creating real and lasting impact must be done in relationship with others. We work with many individuals and groups, where together, we build the capacity of leaders and organizations and thereby change the world. Although we are a small organization, with our partners, our collective impact reaches many.

Our programs include:

  • Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship is the first-ever national Fellowship program training Jews of Color (JOCs) in community organizing. The Fellowship provides training, mentorship, a living wage organizing job, and community support to help adult participants grow into powerful community organizers and social movement leaders.
  • SEA Change trains congregations to organize and tackle racial injustice within and beyond their communities. SEA Change includes specialized training, coaching, and campaigns targeted specifically at issues of racial justice and leadership development, led by expert trainers
  • The Jewish Organizing Fellowship is a year-long apprenticeship program for young adults working within and beyond the Jewish community. (Currently on pause)
  • JOIN’s Clergy Leadership and Organizing Program invests in promising rabbinical students and rabbis, training them to use community organizing tools such as relationship building, leadership development, and collective action.
  • DKO (Don’t Kvetch, Organize!) provides a virtual space where Jews across the country can learn how to move from feeling overwhelmed and powerless to understanding how we can strategically join with others to act effectively on our values—and do something that will really matter.
  • JOIN offers a range of Consulting and Training Services to strengthen the organizing practice of individuals, organizations, and coalitions in the Jewish community.