Siyyum 2020

Photo of 2019-2020 Jewish Organizing Fellows and Empower Fellows smiling outside together on a green lawn.

Photo of 2019-2020 Jewish Organizing Fellows and Empower Fellows smiling outside together on a green lawn.

“Siyyum” in Hebrew, literally “completion,” traditionally refers to the completion and celebration of one’s study of a unit of Jewish text. At JOIN, we honor our Jewish Organizing Fellows’ conclusion of their fellowship year with our own Siyyum Graduation celebration. Our annual Siyyum — now in its 22nd year! — brings together a vibrant community of people who care about social justice, healing a fractured world, and building the capacity for sustained change.

Inspired by the song “We Shall Be Known” by MaMuse, this year’s theme is:

In This Great Turning We Shall Learn to Lead in Love

This year we are also celebrating the first year of the Empower Fellowship! Siyyum is an opportunity for the Fellows to share stories about what they individually and collectively have learned, created, and accomplished during their Fellowship year. (See stories from last year’s Fellows below!) This year, our celebration will be virtual on Zoom.

Join us at our 2020 Siyyum Graduation

Monday, June 29, 6:30-8:30 p.m. EDT

~Zoom Virtual Gathering~


Please consider supporting JOIN by honoring the graduates with a purchase of a message which will be featured in the evening’s program book. Whether individuals or organizations, in attendance or not, all are invited to personalize their ad or well wishes to honor a graduate, or to show your support of JOIN. This year we will be creating a virtual program book. The program book will be available to attendees virtually before, during, and after the Siyyum Graduation.

Please RSVP for Siyyum Graduation by Friday June 26, 2020.


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Spanish interpretation and CART will be available during the program. For more general information or questions about this year’s Siyyum, please contact Jihelah Greenwald at To place an ad in the program book, please contact Cole Papadopoulos at Deadline to donate in the ad book is Sunday, June 21.

Hear Aviva’s story at last year’s Siyyum.

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