JOIN offers a range of services to strengthen the organizing practice of individuals, organizations, and coalitions in the Jewish community. We seek to work with our clients over many months or even years, and for them to form lasting connections to JOIN and to each other. We see our clients as our partners in the pursuit of justice. Contact us with inquiries about how we can work together.

Services include:

Training: JOIN designs and delivers customized organizing trainings. Trainings are specifically tailored to your organization to help your staff and leaders learn the skills they need to be more effective in their work.  Currently, we offer trainings in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Recently, Repair the World hired JOIN to teach its Hillel and Moishe House leaders the principles of recruitment.

Mentoring: both new and experienced organizers benefit from ongoing coaching and support. JOIN’s seasoned professionals provide guidance and perspective through regular contact. For years, JOIN staff has mentored members of JCRC’s staff and continues this ongoing relationship. Additionally, members of our Seminary Leadership Program and Jewish Organizing Fellowship receive ongoing mentorship and support as current participants and also as alumni.

Capacity Building:  JOIN helps maximize the efficacy of coalitions through large-scale trainings, strengthening connections among member organizations, and fostering lasting communities of practice. JOIN’s capacity-building initiatives include training the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, a group of  21 Jewish social justice organizations committed to working together on domestic social justice issues important to the Jewish community. Thanks to funding from the Cummings Foundation, the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable hired JOIN to train the groups in preparation for a civic engagement campaign.