JOIN for Justice National Summit

JOIN for Justice National Summit


Sunday April 29- Monday April 30*


The JOIN for Justice National Summit will be a unique opportunity for Jewish organizers to come together to articulate and celebrate their shared vision for the Jewish community and its role in advancing justice in the world. The Summit will build the Jewish community’s capacity for organizing in three ways:

  1. Providing introductory as well as high-level trainings, led by experts in the field, on the theory and practice of organizing and its relevance and relationship to the Jewish community
  2. Creating relational and peer-to-peer learning opportunities that build networks of organizers who are professionally, geographically, and/or personally compatible
  3. Leveraging the power and passion of the community to strategize about advancing the vision and mission of JOIN for Justice


Support for and interest in organizing has grown in the Jewish community over the past decade. A growing cadre of organizers is beginning to dream about how the Jewish community, if it truly adopted organizing principles and practices, could revitalize itself and have a much greater impact on the world. JOIN for Justice is the organization that aspires to achieve this dream by training the organizers, leaders, and organizations who can help lead this effort  and the National Summit is a chance to gather with other Jewish organizers to share wisdom, build connections, find partners, participate in training, and plan for the future.


Anyone is welcome! The Summit is intended for all those who hope to advance JOIN for Justice’s mission to increase capacity and appetite for organizing in the Jewish community.


Location in New York City, TBD

That sounds great! How do I sign up?

Thanks for your interest! Our official registration will launch in February. If you want to indicate your interest and be notified when registration goes live, please fill out this form.

*The program for delegates from the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable will continue on Tuesday May 1st