Andrew Cohen and Hot Molasses Rock Out for Justice

Repair Interview: Andrew Cohen and Hot Molasses Rock Out for Justice

Andrew (with the green bass) rocks out with the band. Photo courtesy of Hot Molasses.

This is an excerpt of a blog written by Leah Koenig for the Repair the World blog. Check out the rest of the post here!

The Boston-based band, Hot Molasses is known for two things: its raucous rock and roll sound, and its commitment to social action.

This past January, Hot Molasses teamed up with Moishe/Kavod House for a benefit show to raise money for the grassroots community organizing non-profit City Life/Vida Urbana. Band leader and Jewish Organizing Initiative (JOI) alum, Andrew Cohen, took a moment to explain the inspiration behind the show, the band’s dual-mission, and where, exactly, they got their name.

Tell me more about your band.
Throughout our history, I have been committed to pursuing social activism through the rubric of the band, and using it as an organizing and education tool. We love to rock out and to play music, but we’re more than just a creative outlet. The band is also a creative way to engage in politics.

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