Because of Organizing Efforts, Gubernatorial Candidates Commit $8 million for Youth Jobs

Last night, the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization hosted an “action” with all 4 of the candidates for Massachusetts Governor.  JOI staff and Fellows were proud to be counted among the over 1200 people who were there.

Each institution that is present announces their name and the number of people they brought

Ilana Lerman, JOI 09-10, prepping with the YMORE teens before the start of the action

One of the most exciting pieces of the evening was the over 150 teenagers who were present.  They were there representing YMORE or Youth of Massachusetts Organizing for a Reformed Economy. YMORE is a coalition of 7 youth organizations in Massachusetts that cross race, class and religious lines fighting for increased investment in our future.

Current Fellow Nina Mukherji, before the start of the action

Current Fellow Nina Mukherji is working with Boston Mobilization, one of the coalition members, this year.  Because of the incredible organizing these teens have been doing (with the help of Nina and a number of JOI alumni), all 4 of the candidates committed to dedicate 8 million dollars in their first budget proposal for youth jobs to combat violence.

The candidates celebrate signing the pledge to vote no on questions 2 and 3

The candidates also all agreed to sign a pledge to oppose 2 of the ballot initiatives that will be up for a vote on November second. These were question 2, which would repeal the state’s affordable housing law and question 3, which would cut the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%.

For press about the action: Boston Globe, Boston Herald, WBUR (Boston’s NPR news station)
For more of Maglen Kaiser’s photos of the action, click here!

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