March for Homeless Families

Recently, Massachusetts’ Department of Housing and Community Development made changes to regulations requiring that anyone applying for emergency housing , including families with children, must have spent at least one night in a place not meant for human habitation in order to qualify. This means that 70% of families who apply for emergency housing are turned away. On December 12th , over 150 people took a stand for homeless families, marching on the Massachusetts State House and Department of Housing and Community Development demanding a solution to this problem. Jewish Organizing Fellow and Self Advocacy Coordinator at Rosie’s Place, Davida Ginsberg played a part in organizing this action, bringing not only herself but over 25 of Rosie’s Place guests to the march, standing in solidarity with their fellow homeless all over Massachusetts.

If you want to take a stand for homeless families, you can join Rosie’s Place Policy Network, to keep up to date on legislation and regulations affecting Massachusetts’ most vulnerable children and families.

Do you want to learn more?

  • For a first hand account of the March for Homeless Families, check out
  • For more pictures of the action check out Rosie’s Place’s Picasa page.
  • To learn more about Massachusetts’ Emergency Assistance Shelter program, check out Mass Legal Help’s Emergency Assistance Advocacy Guide at
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