Race, Books, and Parenting in St. Louis: A JOIN for Justice alumni story

Laura Horwitz is having a conversation about race.

In fact, she’s having many conversations about race. In St. Louis, one of the most racially segregated cities in the country, Laura is organizing predominantly white families to confront racial inequity, white privilege, and diversity… through children’s books.

Laura, a Jewish Organizing Fellow from 2003 – 2004, started her organization, We Stories, to find a new way for addressing one of the most challenging subjects in our country today — and the response has been astounding. An increasingly widening circle of families, 550 and counting, are now consciously engaging with racism in their homes, with their children, as a community, and as vocal constituents in their local democracy. Currently a group from We Stories is studying the Ferguson Report together to determine what kind of action they can take as a community to make change.

JOIN alumni like Laura Horwitz are using their organizing training and mentoring to change the conversation on social justice across the country.

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