Nesting in Nashville with JOIN Alum Rabbi Aaron Finkelstein

profiled JOIN Seminary Leadership Project alumni Rabbi Aaron Finkelstein and his wife, Julie Sugar, in their Homelands column. See an excerpt of this get-to-know-you piece below, and read the entire interview on the Forward website. Aaron and Julie moved to Nashville recently so that Aaron could work at Congregation Sherith Israel and the Akiva School.

Forward: How did you come to live together?

Julie: We moved in together after we got married. Almost a year ago! We got married last May.

How did you find your home?

We were very lucky. After Aaron accepted the job here, we planned a weekend in June to go “house hunting” (in quotes because we knew we were probably hunting for an apartment). A lovely board member at Sherith Israel helped us line up viewings of apartments for the weekend, and we had about a day and a half. One broker that she found was particularly pleased about the idea of having “a man of the cloth” as one of his renters. He told us about an apartment that wasn’t on the market yet, and that we couldn’t look at yet, but that sounded perfect.

Our friend, the board member, was able to look at the apartment not long after we flew back to New York. She and her husband sent us photos along with the message “take it” — and we did. We signed the lease before ever stepping foot in the apartment!

Continue reading on the Forward website.

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